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India’s First SEO Playbook - By Marketers For Marketers

We worked with over 130 CMOs to create a playbook to help you stay ahead and relevant in a consumerist world. The playbook provides key insights in how today’s marketing leaders are actioning SEO to achieve the desired results.

Modern SEO 101 Playbook

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    “SEO is a constant dialogue between your brand and customers. Whatever stage they are in the buying cycle, your brand interacts with them, and SEO enables this ongoing dialogue to connect and engage with them.

    India is entering a new era of digitalization at a growing rate. The need for digitization has led marketers to seek further avenues of revenue generation and better Returns on Investment. As the internet penetration percentage increases over the years, organic search will become the biggest driver of digital success for most online businesses.”

    Kaushal Thakkar

    Founder & Managing Director at Infidigit

    CMO's who have contributed to Playbook's success

    Sumeet Singh

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Info Edge India Ltd

    Anil Kumar Singh

    Head - SEO & Organic Growth
    HT Media

    Sai Narayan

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Vipul Oberoi

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Dun and Bradstreet

    Kaushik Chakraborty

    Senior VP - Digital Transformation
    Tata Capital

    Shalini Rao

    Chief Marketing Officer
    BLR Airport

    Khantil Mazumdar

    VP & Head of E-commerce
    Metro Brands

    Vishal Rupani

    Stealth Startup